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Vibrant and creative since childhood Liana has always been guided to express her imagination through writing and performance. The love to create and perform was heavily influenced by her Mother where they spent countless hours watching Dramas and Sitcoms when she was young.


Liana graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Theatre in hopes to one day write and direct. Shortly after graduating she became a Production Assistant with PBS KIDS Sprout in Philadelphia where her love to perform was reawakened. Answering the call to step away from the production side and pursue her dreams in front of the camera, Liana said goodbye to her second home and moved to New York. In 2014, she began training in Meisner at the William Esper Studio having the privilege to study under Bruce McCarty and Bill Esper. 


Having a passionate curiosity for knowledge and growth Liana accepted the invitation to participate in the 2019 Shakespeare summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. While there, she explored the texts, mind and spirit of King Lear sharpening her skills as an Actress. 


Liana is excited to be an ensemble member at Face to Face Films where she has the opportunity to expand and explore the creative realms of stage and screen with a dedicated and passionate company. 


Favorite Movie: Pygmalion


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