Jacqueline Guzman is a Cuban American actress based in NYC, originally from Hialeah, Florida. Jacqueline discovered her passion for acting in high school when she was pressured by her friends to audition for Almost, Maine. This was a life-changing experience for her, she had found a place where she could be free, vulnerable, and creative. As a first-generation American this was somewhat of a luxury to her. She held on to it like it was the only way to breathe fresh air. She was once again pushed by her friend to apply to her dream school the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She went on to fall in love with the technique and structure the craft had to offer, and the freedom which it guaranteed. She was asked to join the American Academy company third-year program where she worked closely with professionals in the industry to cultivate, and showcase her talents.


Academy credits include; Picnic (Madge), Frontieres Sans Frontieres (Noon), Romeo and Juliet (Friar Laurence). Since graduating she has gone on to continue her Alexander Technique teacher training, Shakespeare showcase for the American Theatre of Actors, as well as create her own company Exhale, go Productions.


  • Theater, Interrupted: Korinne