Kristen has been an actor since she was a child. Her childhood talents included writing, directing, starring, and costuming shows for the grand stage of her great grandparents’ living room. Often times playing the role of the princess, the ballerina, and the occasional car saleswoman. Kristen really started understanding her love of performing in high school where she performed in plays written by her high school director Missy Uymuera. She admired Missy for her ability to make a show happen on a next-to-nothing budget with a tool belt of resourcefulness. Since then, Kristen attained a degree in Theater Studies from Nebraska Wesleyan University. In Lincoln, Nebraska, Kristen performed in roles such as Gloria from Boeing, Boeing, Gus Washington in It’s Only a Play, Connie in Tony and Tina’s Wedding, and many more. After moving to NYC, Kristen has performed in various festivals but has also continued to take classes with teachers like Thom Sesma, Mary Bacon, Mary Hodges, and Adam Kraar. Kristen’s start in Face to Face Films began in 2019 when she originated the role of Nurse Janice in The Girl With the Red Hair. She’s been working with the company since in both acting and playwriting and finds her sentiment for her high school director to be present here, a company full of tool belt resourcefulness that never gives up.


  • Theater, Interrupted: Steel Magnolias
  • Theater, Interrupted: Smiles
  • Theater, Interrupted: Hillary and Clinton
  • Theater, Interrupted: Faces
  • Theater, Interrupted: Blue Paper Bag
  • Theater, Interrupted: The Hours
  • Theater, Interrupted: Little Women
  • The Girl With The Red Hair (July 2019)