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Lufefe is a 22 year old Xhosa Azanian born in East London, and raised e’Gqeberha in the South of Africa. He is dedicated to reaching my fullest potential in the profession of Acting,Singing & Writing.


As a Kente, his Mother back home always sets a reminder that carrying the family name has & will always be one of his top priorities as not too many people from his background get the opportunity to pursue & push their goals in New York City. He is a Brooklyn resident & is open to any sort of travel if needs be. Theater, Television & Music are his go to’s but after taking his diploma, childhood & a lot more details into cognizance, He's learnt to grow a love for Film. 


Lufefe is heavily greatful for the opportunity of being part of the Face To Face film company & can’t wait to learn & grow alongside his fellow artists. 


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