Music has always been a part of Philip’s life but it wasn’t until he was eight years old when he started playing the flute that it became an extension of himself. Flute is still a major part of his life but he turned to composing during high school when he realized he wanted to write the messages behind the music instead of just playing it. He is a graduate from Adelphi University where he studied composition under Sidney Boquiren, Christopher Lyndon-Gee, and Paul Moravec. He then continued his education at New York University where he completed his composition masters degree with a concentration in film scoring and multimedia.


Philip hopes that his music can create positive impacts in the lives of those who listen to it and is attracted to the idea of writing music for film and multimedia because it is a great venue to reach as many people as possible. Philip feels that those goals are explored as the resident composer for Face to Face Films through the impactful stories they create.