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Zoé is a half-French native Brit who identifies on the American side of the Pond as a Pittsburgher from 9 years of acculturation in that city. She speaks French, Italian, and German. She is a trained musician-singer, music therapist, child and adolescent
development specialist and counselor and has also worked in child psychiatry research. Zoé presented the podcast “juvie”, focusing on incarcerated men sentenced to Life Without Parole as minors in Pennsylvania. Her theatre experience is primarily as musician in the UK, writing incidental music for a play about mental illness at Manchester’s Abraham Moss Community Centre, and as composer-performer for Horse and Bamboo Theatre in Lancashire. Zoé came to acting via general voice-over, audiobook narration and audio-drama such as “The Adventures of Lord Dinby Whitherspoon, Duke of Space” by Joshua Wise and “Not Quite Heaven” for UK production company Mysterious Movies. She narrated several short titles for Audible as well as the novel “MARGINAL” by Australian, Lindsay Boyd, in which she portrayed characters in 20 international accents. She has appeared in several roles with GraphicAudio but is notably the ongoing voice of Jasnah Kholin in Brandon Sanderson’s “The Stormlight Archive”. Zoé is thrilled about joining Face to Face Films!


The Girl With The Red Hair (2022)
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